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970424: Happy Birthday to My Other Half

Dear Whitney,

Today you are seventeen. You know that was the age I was when I met you. You were thirteen-almost-fourteen, in middle school, and as innocent as could be. When I met you, I didn’t know your age and I didn’t care. All I cared about was that I had just met someone who I could relate to. I had met someone who shared a love for the little rookie kpop band, Teen Top. I had met someone who knew all the same songs and all the same faces. I could relate to you, and I wanted to be your friend. I’m still thankful for the day Maverick told you about me and that you decided to message me.

Hundreds and thousands of messages later, I can honestly say that you have become my best friend. You are the first person I look forward to talking to in the morning because with you there is never an awkward silence. Our conversations have made me laugh and cry and certainly smile. I don’t ever want to stop talking to you. These last three years have been the best of my life because we’ve grown even closer and have made even more memories and I’ve had the honor of watching you grow.

I always want you to know that when you call me unni, to me it’s not just a cute little Korean nickname because we both like kpop. I think of it as a title. I’m not just your friend, I’m an older sister. And older sisters should always be there to help younger sisters.

You were so young and innocent when we met, and you’ve grown so much. I remember when you started high school, and now we always talk about you moving on to college. I know you have your worries, and as someone who is in college now, I promise you that you won’t be going at it alone. If will always have me to come to for advice. Don’t worry about not being good enough to get into your dream school. You are. I will personally help you all I can to make your dream come true, because your happiness is my happiness.

You’re not always happy though, and your sadness is my sadness as well. I would love to see you smile every day of your life and not worry about things that have happened in your past. You have to learn to let go of those things because you are not the same person you were back then. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has regrets. We’re always changing and always getting better. Even you. So please don’t dwell on the things that have happened, and look straight ahead to the things that have yet to come. I know that’s advice I should probably take too, and I’m not always a very good role model for you, so maybe that’s something we could both work on. Trust me when I say there is happiness in your future, whether or not you can see it and believe it now. I just need you to hang on until it comes.

The next few years will be some of the most exciting moments of your life. You’ll turn eighteen and graduate high school and go to college and make friends and fall in love and marry Jonghyun we will meet and you will someday see Teen Top. Please don’t think that amazing things won’t happen for you, because they will. And I can’t wait until they happen for you, because you deserve all of these wonderful experiences more than anyone else.

You are strong, courageous, brilliant, funny, adorable, talented, charming, thoughtful, beautiful, passionate, precious, and important. Very important. Don’t let anyone, not even your family, stop you from following your dreams and accomplishing your goals. You have so much more potential than they recognize and you will someday go on to do amazing things. I have faith in you. I always will. And if you ever need someone to lean on, I will always be here.

So happy, happy seventeenth birthday to my favorite little baby fetus southern hick dongsaeng! I’m sorry my message was so sappy and sad and long but I’m a sentimental and sappy unni and I had to tell you these things. You’re my best friend and I love you a lot and I hope your birthday is a wonderful day and I hope your long life is forever filled with beautiful moments. Thank you for making me laugh and smile and letting me watch you grow up into the amazing person you are today. I love you. If I had to choose between me marrying Byunghun or you marrying Jonghyun, I would pick for you marry Jonghyun in a heartbeat. That’s how much I love you. Also, if there is birthday cake, you eat that birthday cake. You eat that cake and do not feel bad about it and do not apologize for it, just eat that cake and smile and be happy you did it because you deserve it.

Love, unni bunny

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yes bless byunghun and his parents



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older than daniel younger than byung

65 days younger than Byunghun to be exact

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I want to know the age of angels!

I’m definitely one of the older ones ;u;

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Older than you and I will be even more older than you next January.

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